" Let's Have Fun Speaking Japanese" 典子とお茶会 日本語でまったりおしゃべり 気軽なお茶会

An Interactive Virtual Tea Party, in Japanese!


$15.00 per person



About this experience

"Let's have fun speaking Japanese" is the theme of this tea party. Bring your favourite snacks and drinks and gather around our computer screens for a fun filled conversational Japanese class. Did you live in Japan before? Do you want to improve your Japanese? Need Japanese friends? Come join us and experience the joy of speaking Japanese!





Your Host

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Hello everyone!
My name is Noriko Yokotani.
I graduated from Kindai university, Osaka in 2008 and have a bachelor’s degree in arts.
Immigrated to Canada in 2019 and loving it.
My hobbies are playing the piano, cooking, and reading manga.
Japanese speakers, people studying Japanese or people interested in improving their Japanese language skills are welcome to join this class, where we have lots of fun conversing and learning the language together.
You could also join in just to listen to conversations in Japanese.
Don’t forget to bring your favorite drinks and snacks.

1985年 大阪府出身
2008年 近畿大学文芸学部芸術学科 卒業
2019年 渡加